A paper shredder is an essential piece of electronic in an office that needs to be in good condition to function well. Since it is made up of moving parts, it is important to conduct service maintenance to prevent damage from wear and tear. The moving parts are to be checked for deformities and breaking to ensure it is more durable. This device helps destroy papers in the office for easy and clean disposal. Shredded paper can be easy recycled into other paper products.


The first thing to do for a long life of a shredder is ensuring when it is not in use it is unplugged and switched off. This ensures that the electronic part lasts long and the machine does not get affected in case of a power surge. There are times when electricity faults destroy electronics that are plugged in and are not in use.


Oiling the moving parts in a shredder is another important maintenance process. The moving parts have gears that need to be oiled for swift movement when in use. If not oiled, the moving parts eat into each other up destroying the interlocking sections. The oiling should be done regularly since the paper being shredded absorb the oil drying up the parts. In case the parts are very destroyed, replacing them will ensure that no other part is destroyed with the warn out parts.


There are servicing companies that do routine repairs for office equipment from time to time. Having the company's personnel look at the shredder and repairing broken parts and checking the circuit boards will ensure that the whole machine properly. Broken machines tend to use a lot of electricity hence causing high charges on electricity bills. Rectifying the mistakes helps reduce unwanted costs, click here to get started!


Emptying the collection container when full also helps in prolonging the lifespan of the shredder. If this is not done, the machine is forced to squeeze the paper waste in the tin. This strains the machines that push the paper down and can lead to breakdown in unexpected times.


Different models of shredders for home use have unique methods of handling. Reading the manual before handling equips the handler with the necessary skills to properly handle the shredder. The manual is very important and should be well kept for future reference for handling of the shredder.



Ensuring the shredder is functioning properly always will save a situation in the office when the need is urgent. It is advisable to contract a maintenance company to conduct regular service for the machine.